Why is Custom Fitting better than ‘Off the Rack’?

Why is Custom Fitting better than ‘Off the Rack’?

When driving a new car from the forecourt of the dealer would you do so without making any adjustments to the setup of your car? Not the engine, but key elements such as wing mirrors and seat position. No, of course one of the first actions would be to ensure you are sitting comfortably and that you have perfect vision of all that’s going on behind and to your side. This is an example of basic custom fitting.

These actions will not improve your driving skills but they will improve your comfort and thus your ability to perform the act of driving. So, why not use the very same principle for your golf equipment?

Having your clubs custom fit and custom built to suit you, your build, your athletic ability and your swing will not necessarily improve your golfing skills but they will most definitely improve your ‘comfort’ at address and through impact, thus improving your chances of performing at your very best.

The best quality golf club you can buy is one that’s been custom fit and custom built.

Regardless of the brand labels on the sole of the head, if it isn’t built to your specific needs then there is a very strong possibility you will not be able to perform at your very best. For any club you care to pick up off the rack you may, for example, need an adjustment to the seating position (lie), or the wing mirrors may be pointing too far left or right (face angle), or your feet could be too far from the peddles (shaft length), or the steering wheel may be in the wrong position (grip).

These are just a few of the adjustments that could be made to your equipment that will affect the club’s performance. What are the chances the one you’ve just picked off the rack is going to include all the best attributes that suit your specific style, build, and athletic ability?

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