Vertical Integration by Mitsubishi Rayon

Vertical Integration by Mitsubishi Rayon

Mitsubishi Rayon’s golf shafts are made from scratch: they manufacture not only the shaft, but all of the critical  raw materials that make up the shaft’s composition including the monomer, acrylic fiber, carbon fiber, resin and prepreg. Over the last twenty years, they have developed more than a thousand different formulations of resin and made over a hundred types of fiber for many performance-based applications, including golf shafts.

This vertical integration means that any combination of resins and fibers required to optimize a golf shaft’s design and performance can be made. The majority of competitors work with a relatively limited list of raw materials from a finite number of available suppliers. Typically, they purchase stock prepreg, which can require designs to be adjusted to the limitations of the available materials. MRC’s ability to make any composition of resin or fiber and combine them into their own prepreg sets them apart from their competition.

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