Since its inception, Nippon Shaft has developed propriety shafts from specialised heat treatment processes resulting in high performance golf shafts that are unique and superior in feel, consistency and performance.

In early 1959, the proven strength and durable flexibility of NHK Spring Co Ltd’s market leading automotive valve spring alloy served as the genesis of what would become a revolution in the golf shaft industry – the birth of the Nippon steel golf shaft.

By 1965, NHK had become Japan’s number one golf shaft manufacturer and in 1978 they introduced the first light weight steel shaft. Just over 20 years later in 1999 NHK developed and launched world wide the NS Pro 950 steel shaft. The shaft soon gained acceptance and was adopted by major club manufacturers around the world.

In 2002, the NS Pro 850 GH and 1050 GH series were added to the range. The NS Pro 850 GH, at 85gm was the first steel shaft to be introduced to the golf market that matched graphite shafts weight for weight. Steel shafts were already renowned for maximum control and accuracy.

A major feature of all Nippon NS Pro shaft ranges is the CONSTANT WEIGHT throughout the full set for improved, consistent performance. This is achieved through Nippon’s unrivalled experience of steel manufacturing technologies and in particular, the special heat treatment process, which enable the manufacturer to achieve ultra light weight.

The shaft’s exemplary design brings near perfect control and accuracy through a mid kick point while reducing stress on the player’s elbows. In 2005 Nippon pushed the envelope even further with the introduction of the latest in the NS Pro series, the NS Pro 750 GH. Weighing in at under 80gm it registers as the lightest steel shaft ever produced.


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