Winn Inc. began its existence as a tennis ball manufacturer in 1973. In 1976, Winn diversified its product line, building a factory to produce tennis racket string as well as balls. Winn currently ranks among the top three suppliers of tennis string in the world.

Relying on his extensive technical background working for NASA in the 1960s, Dr. Ben Huang, owner and CEO of Winn, Inc., developed a synthetic polymer grip for tennis rackets in 1980. This innovation completely revolutionized the tennis grip industry and, since that time, Winn has maintained its status as the leading supplier of synthetic grips to tennis companies for over 20 years.

Winn built on its success in the tennis industry by introducing its patented Elastom ETM material to the golf grip market in 1996. Winn has enjoyed similar success in the golf industry as it did in tennis, quickly becoming the number one synthetic golf grip manufacturer in the world.

Today, Winn’s patented materials offer any golfer, from the beginner to the touring professional, a grip to suit their game. From the comfort of a Classic Winn Grip to the tackiness of the Excel Collection to the playability of the V-17 AVS, Winn technology stands alone in the golf grip market. Winn continues to develop new materials to suit every kind of golfer, thereby helping everyone enjoy a better game.


Dri-Tac 20th Anniversary Midsize
Dri-Tac 20th Anniversary Oversize
Dri-Tac 20th Anniversary StandardĀ 
Dri-Tac Wrap Ladies
Dri-Tac Wrap MidsizeĀ 
Dri-Tac Wrap Oversize
Dri-Tac Wrap Standard
Dri-Tac Junior
Dri-Tac Ladies
Dri-Tac Midsize
Dri-Tac Oversize
Dri-Tac Standard
Excel LadiesĀ 
Excel Midsize
Excel Oversize
Excel Standard
Jumbo Pistol Putter
Jumbo Pistol Lite Putters
Long 15″ Pistol Putters
Medallist Pistol Standard Putters
Midsize Pistol Putters
Tour Pistol Standard Putters
WinnPro X 1.18″
WinnPro X 1.32″
WinnPro X 1.60″

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