TwoThumb is an innovative new putting grip – the brain child of putting expert Philip H. Gazeley.

“With a standard putter grip, one hand above the other, your shoulders tilt rather than stay level”, said Gazeley. “This sets you open to the target line and you have to adjust your alignment to stay square to the hole.

“I wanted to find an easy way to get your shoulders square at address. So I started experimenting with gripping my putter in different ways. I discovered that if I had my hands level with each other everything stayed square. I knew I’d hit on something so I designed the wider 2 thumb grip to allow both hands to sit comfortably side by side.”

Precise putting begins with a neutral stance and consistent stroke. TwoThumb putter grips are a revolutionary aid to achieving this.


Big Daddy Light
Snug Daddy
TwoThumb Classics

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